DSP-222, 2 Channel Vehicle Detector


Product Type: Vehicle Detector


The DSP-222 vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle all traffic applications.

Working on virtually any size loop, the DSP-222 tunes itself automatically to the best operating frequency within the selected range. The DSP-222’s inherent noise filtering algorithms allow it to work reliably in any electrical situation.

With its easy to understand front panel switches and built-in flexibility the DSP-222 is the most “user friendly” detector on the market today.

  • Loop size: Works on in-ground inductive loops from 50 to 750 microhenries.
  • Fail-safe operation: The main solid-state output is configured to output a call whenever the loop circuit has failed.
  • Indicators: Separate “Detect” and “Fault” LEDs for each channel.
  • Sensitivity: Seven sensitivity settings with sensitivity “0” indicating the channel is off.
  • Frequency: Automatically tunes within one of four selectable operating ranges.
  • Main detection output: Factory set to be fail-safe and can be programmed to output either presence or pulse.
  • Loop failure: If the loop fails, the fault indicator codes the failure. If the loop recovers, the fault indicator will turn off.
  • Min presence: A minimum presence of 125 ms can be programmed by setting jumper J1 on the PC board. This feature ensures that all presence outputs (even on high-speed arterials) will be at least 125 milliseconds.
  • External reset: The entire detector may be externally reset by holding pin C on the edge connector low for 15 microseconds.

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