XLP-8 Extreme Low Power Vehicle Detector


Product Type: Vehicle Detector


The XLP-8 is specifically designed as a small, simple to use, extremely low current draw, vehicle detector capable of using an inductive loop or a magnetometer sensor (a.k.a. Mini-Loop or Probe).  The extremely low power use, less than 1 milliamp, makes this detector ideal for solar and battery backed-up applications.

The XLP-8 can be connected to a standard inductive loop or one of Diablo Controls magnetometer based probes. The Diablo Controls probe is a small “pipe shaped” device approximately 4-1/2” by 1” and is designed to be buried in the ground to detect vehicles.  If the probe function is turned on, the detector cannot be used as an obstruction or safety detector as there is no presence detection in this mode of operation.

The XLP-8 has 1 amp rated relay contact outputs.  Both Normally-Open and Normally-Closed contacts are provided.

The XLP-8 has 9 selectable sensitivity settings and uses a 4-position DIP switch to configure the detector. This includes the magnetometer probe selection as well as sensitivity boost, fail-safe or fail-secure operation, and operating frequency.  This makes the XLP-8 flexible enough to deal with most installations.

XLP-8: Detector Only

XLP-8-75: Detector + 75′ Probe

XLP-8-100: Detector +100′ Probe

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