DSP-21 Series, Directional Logic Counting Detector

Product Type: Counting Detector


The DSP-21 Series is intended to be an ‘all-in-one’ vehicle detector designed for the parking industry.  The DSP-21 Series Detector was developed for systems that need accurate vehicle count information.  This detector is designed to operate utilizing a dual inductive loop configuration typical in the parking industry. The small packaging comes without sacrificing performance.

The DSP-21 Series Detector was designed to retrofit into existing locations that may require a detector upgrade. Sophisticated algorithms offer plug -n play operation when using one of the counting modes.

The DSP-21 Series offers a model that provides a contact closure for a loop failure condition. When wired to a system input, this allows the user to receive real-time status of the overall detection system.

The two-channel directional counting mode is the real differentiator for this product. Directional counting was designed as a plug-n-play operation.  Only the loop frequency setting is required. All other needed information is discovered by the detector automatically when it is first installed. The detector analyzes vehicles to automatically adjust for loop size, differences in sensitivity between the two loops being used, and the types of vehicles normally seen.

The detector continually analyzes vehicles to better improve itself and automatically adjust for changes in vehicle traffic. This allows this small but mighty detector to achieve accuracies not previously possible in this form factor.

The multiple operating modes allow technician to only need one detector to replace most existing detectors, greatly reducing the inventory needed by the facility operator or the maintaining technician.

For best directional counting accuracies, both loops should be the same size and two to four feet apart.

Ordering Information
LV = 10 to 30 volts DC

    • High Accuracy Directional Counting
    • Tailgating, back-outs, and parking maneuvers are identified and handled correctly.
    • No Training Devices
  • The detector’s alorithm is designed to capture its environment needing no user interface.
  • Count analysis information is automatically saved in case of power loss and re-used on power up.
  • Selectable mode of operation that allows this one detector to fill many needs.
  • Available in several industry standard pin outs.
  • Advanced channel scanning technology with superior noise tolerance.
  • Single low voltage unit for operation on 10 volts to 30 volts AC or DC.
  • Self-resetting fuse to protect against accidentally connecting the unit to the wrong voltage and damaging it.

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