DSP-14 3 Axis Vehicle Detector


Product Type: Vehicle Detector


The DSP-14 system is designed to be an accurate, reliable and easy to install detection system.  The system is comprised of two parts, a master unit (DSP-14M) and a sensor (DSP-14S). The advanced sensor’s small size and high sensitivity. make it ideally suited to vehicle detections applications.

The DS-14 sensor can be installed using a single saw cut and a single 1″ core hole.  The sensor is potted in Epoxy to provide durability and small enough that it can be placed in the cored hole.  Using a three-axis magnetometer sensor eliminates any concerns about the orientation of the sensor during installation.

The DSP-14 system can hold vehicle detection for an indefinite period of time. It can even remember vehicle detection through power outages.  Even if a vehicle parks in the detection zone while power is removed, when power is restored, the detector will sense that there is now a vehicle in the detection zone.  This gives you an extra level of safety not available with other detection systems.

  • Easy installation.  A single saw cut and cored hole is all you need.
  • Can be installed in PVC conduit installed under the driving surface.  Allowing for easy repositioning or replacement.
  • Indefinite vehicle detection, even through power interruptions.
  • Selectable Presence or Pulse operation.
  • Selectable length of time for the Pulse output.
  • 9 selectable sensitivity settings allow for a wide range of uses.
  • Normally-Open and Normally-Closed Relay contacts allow flexibility in system connections.
  • Sensor monitoring provides is no longer functioning correctly.
  • Fault memory gives a unique display when a fault has occurred, but the system is currently functioning properly.
  • Diagnostic mode will show a prior fault self-corrected, if it occurred within the last seven days.

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