DSP-11 Series, Vehicle Detector

Product Type: Vehicle Detector


Diablo Controls has been listening! We now offer a complete line of simple, switchless, single output vehicle detectors available with the industry standard 11-pin base. This micro-sized detector will automatically adjust its sensitivity level when used on different sized loops. The detector loop inductance should be between 20 and 2000 microhenries.

This series of Diablo Controls detectors are covered by United States Patent number US 7,132,959 “Non-Interfering Vehicle Detection.”

Ordering Information
DSP-11-LV = Low voltage model (10 to 30 volts AC or DC)
DSP-11-117 = 117 volts AC
DSP-11-230 = 230 volts AC

  • Works on any in-ground inductive loop from 20 to 2000 microhenries
  • Designed to be cross talk free between other loops
  • Automatically compensates for loop and lead-In sizes
  • Switchless, self-adapting to most common installations
  • Plug and play
  • Small profile, perfect for many installations
  • Fail safe operation
  • Wide low-voltage operation
  • The DSP-11-LV is protected from damage if plugged into a higher voltage. No need to change a fuse or reset a circuit breaker, simply plug the detector into
  • the proper voltage and it works.
  • Separate Power/Fail and Detect LEDs
  • Industry standard 11-pin connector in a small plastic case

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