AVI-40, AVI Receiver

Product Type: AVI Receiver


The Diablo Controls Hands-Free Automatic Vehicle Identifier System

Consists of an AVI Transmitter and an AVI Receiver

The AVI System has many different uses and applications including Emergency Vehicle Access, Mass Transit, Shuttle Buses, Private Homeowner Access, Trucking Companies, Manufacturing Facilities, Fork Lifts, Airport Access, Rail Cars, and many other types of applications.

Depending on the type of application, the user can choose to have the AVI System “Hands Free” or manual.

The AVI system is configured and tested at the factory, providing a true “Plug & Play” environment.  All codes are documented and saved at the factory to eliminate duplicate codes being used by existing customers.  The AVI system has Multiple Code capability allowing for greater versatility and security.

The AVI Transmitter is potted in a thermal epoxy compound and is mounted to the underside of a fire apparatus, police car, bus, light-rail train, and many other vehicles.  When the vehicle approaches a gated area, the code is received by a loop buried in the ground ahead of the gate or barrier.

The receiver is the “smarts” of the system.  It receives the coded message coming from the transmitter.  If the transmitted code matches the pre-programmed code stored in the receiver, a relay contact is closed and a red LED is illuminated indicating a valid code is being received. This signal is then passed on to a gate controller, which automatically opens the gate or performs some other security function.

  • Over 19,000 codes to choose from
  • Can be programmed to accept up to 4 different codes
  • Operates on 8 to 35 volts DC
  • Can be field programmable with the “Learn” pushbutton
  • No switches to set
  • Small profile, perfect for many installations
  • Responds to transmitters made by other manufacturers

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