Why Parking Garage Safety Is Imperative

Parking garages are an ingenious invention of the 20th century that have evolved over time. The invention took a simple parking lot and added three to five times more parking space by simply building vertically. With anything new, however, there comes risk. Parking garage accidents can occur due to the confined space. Security issues are ever-present, as well. In this post, Diablo Controls is going to share why parking garage safety is important to prevent mishaps and crime.

What Is Parking Garage Security?

If you believe that parking garage security is simply the vehicle-owners locking their cars while they’re away, then you are sorely mistaken. This is only one way those who park in a garage structure can protect their property. If you want to increase garage security, you need to install cameras, parking control equipment, and access control devices to keep the garage safe and secure.

What Are Common Causes of Parking Garage Mishaps and Crime?

Parking garage mishaps and crime tend to occur due to a variety of reasons. Those who drive recklessly and negligently are the primary culprits. Crimes tend to occur due to poor lighting and security systems being in place. Here is the short-list for mishaps and crimes occurring in parking garages:

  • Lack of security measures
  • Lack of regular maintenance
  • Construction defects or discrepancies
  • Poor lighting

Parking garage accidents or crimes can be complex. Who’s at fault, what happened, and how does one find a resolution for the situation? It all compounds. If you’re a parking control equipment or access control device distributor, you can best serve your clients knowing this information.

How Does Parking Control Equipment Reduce Mishaps and Crime?

At Diablo Controls, we’ve been leading the parking control and access industry for 40-plus years. Our mission is to provide our end-customer with easy-to-use devices at affordable prices. We also care about how structures like parking garages are secured and accessed. That’s why we suggest that you start with a parking and access control system that allows the proper vehicles inside and disallows the improper cars from entering. You can then work with a local security company to install cameras and various other security measures.


Why Parking Garage Safety Matters

A parking garage can be a great, secure place to leave vehicles, but it has to feel safe to those parking inside. Without the feeling of safety, the garage will not be used as often. The safety of the garage will greatly affect who pays for parking and who uses the garage regularly. Not only is money lost due to lack of security, the lack of safety puts people at risk. Parking garage security and access control keeps people safe.

Diablo Controls: Leading The Parking Control Industry for 40-Plus Years

If you are an access control and parking equipment distributor, you want to keep your parking garage tenants safe. That’s why access control devices, Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), and parking control equipment is important to your customers.

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