The Security Risk Of Vehicles Tailgating Into Parking Lots

One of the greatest security risks to parking lot access is the ability for more than one vehicle to tailgate into the area without checking in at the automated gate. Granted, parking lots that need to remain secure should have a camera or posted guard at each point of entrance, but that is not always plausible. An alternative to a camera system or guard is parking control equipment, including an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system.

At Diablo Controls, we’re one of the industry’s leading experts in parking control equipment, as well as access control systems. In this article, we will share the security risk of allowing vehicles to tailgate into a secure parking lot. Continue reading to learn more.

Parking Lot Access Security Risks

When a vehicle tailgates into a secure parking lot area, the risk for crime increases — even if the person does not intend to commit any crime. Here are some security risks of allowing vehicles to tailgate into a secured parking area:

#1. Property Damage

A vehicle that is not tracked entering or exiting a secure parking area poses the risk of causing property damage to the other vehicles. If the individual gains access to the parking area without being tracked, they have free reign to do what they want and leave without a trace. Property damage that occurs within a parking area is typically the responsibility of the owner of the property, not the parking facility.

#2. Theft

When vehicles are able to tailgate into a secured parking area, the chance of theft increases. A semi- or non-secure parking area allows for thieves to do what they want when they want with little consequence. A camera security system may record the act as it takes place, but one of the biggest reasons theft happens more often in a secure parking area is because the thief has more time to commit the crime. Not as many people are entering and exiting. All the criminal needs to do is tailgate another vehicle into the secured area.




#3. Loss of Money

When a secure parking area is no longer perceived as secure, fewer people are going to trust it. This leads to fewer people using the secure parking area, which results in the loss of money to fund the secure the area. If cash flow for the secure parking area decreases, it makes it more difficult to upgrade security or offer a better parking experience for those still using the area.

A Parking Access Equipment Solution

A secure parking area requires that no unauthorized vehicles or individuals are able to enter. One of the most common entry points for the unauthorized is through the primary vehicle entry gates. In most cases, an automated or code-secured gate still allows tailgating. When you use automatic vehicle identification (AVI), you can better control who enters and exits your parking area.

Diablo Controls: 40-Plus Years Leading The Industry

As the leader in the access, parking, and traffic control industry, Diablo Controls provides its distributors and customers with parking control equipment to implement automatic vehicle identification systems to better secure their parking areas. Order your components online today!

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