How To Increase Parking Garage Safety

The parking garage is a great invention. It allows vehicle owners to park close to their destination without the hassle of searching for a parking spot. In most cases, parking garages are easy to find and easy to access. The issue with parking garages is that if they are not monitored or maintained, they can become a haven for crime and risk. In this post, Diablo Controls wants to share how to increase parking garage safety and security with access control equipment and devices, as well as some other upgrades to the structure.

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Parking Garage Safety and Security Upgrades

First, you will want to understand the mechanics of a parking garage. It has one or two entry points. To gain access to each level, one must go through the levels below it. Second, those who park in the top levels of the garage must have a way to get to the street on foot. For the most part stairs or an elevator helps with this. Finally, the safety of the people and the security of the structure is determined by how difficult it is to access.

Security Upgrade #1 – Increase Parking Garage Maintenance

Tenants or clients will look at a dirty or unsafe looking parking garage and decide to park elsewhere. This one decision is based on appearance. Increasing garage maintenance will encourage people to use the structure whilst also developing a positive image of it. Maintenance also provides valuable information on how the garage is aging or if there are any integrity issues that need to be addressed.

Security Upgrade #2 – Improve Lighting

You’d be surprised but bad lighting is a big cause for crime. Light decreases the chance for crime to take place, which increases the safety of the parking garage. Those using the garage will more safe, as well, if lighting is bright and abundant.

Security Upgrade #3 – Install Surveillance Devices or Systems

This means investing in the parking garage security and safety features. One camera by the access door or ramp is not enough. It will deter those in that area from committing crimes, but it won’t deter those on the other side of the garage, away from the cameras from committing a crime. Strategically install cameras and put up notifications of their existence to deter crime.

Security Upgrade #4 – Install Access Control Equipment.

Whether you choose to use Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) or keypad access display system, a barrier to entry will keep the garage more safe. What’s more, those who use the garage will feel more safe, too.


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