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We’re excited to see you reading our blog! At Diablo Controls, we focus on traffic, parking, and access control systems. Our story begins in Diablo, California, where an engineer got into the detector business. The engineer soon met a software developer in the same industry, and they decided to go into business together, establishing what is now known as Diablo Controls. The name originated from the engineer living in Diablo, California, but headquarters is now in Village of Lakewood, Illinois.

Once these two were partnered, they soon change the trajectory of the entire parking and traffic industries with the development and distribution of microcontrollers. They went on to achieve quite a few other firsts in their industries:

  • Microprocessor NEMA controller
  • Microcontroller safety monitor
  • Digital period-measurement vehicle detector
  • Liquid crystal display traffic controller
  • Multi-tasking based central traffic control master

What is the Diablo Controls missions?

At Diablo Controls, we’ve innovated and influenced the parking, traffic, and access industries for more than 40 years. Our mission is to continue creating innovative ways to advance the technology used in the industry and influence its future. We supply a collection of simple and reliable detection and electronic control devices to the traffic, access, and parking industries.

Our products are easy to install, which has helped build our reputation as one of the top control device companies in the world. We’ve earned the professionals we work and sell to as well as the industries trust with more than four decades of consistent, reliable, and simple products.

Here are some of the products we offer:

How can someone purchase Diablo Controls’ products?

We sell to distributors that then sell to the professionals in the industry around the world. If you’re looking to purchase control devices from Diablo Controls, consider finding a distributor near you. If you’re a distributor, give our offices a call today, and we can discuss our process and expectations moving forward.


What will you read on this blog?

Our focus of this blog is to discuss and share products, applications, and industry information. Although we are one of the top control device companies in the world, we believe in helping as many people as we can in our industry. We work on a global scale and hope to make as big of positive impact as possible.

Here are some countries our products are currently in:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • England
  • Australia

Pioneering innovation for 40 years

At Diablo Controls, we’ve been serving the parking, traffic, and access industries for more than 40 years with simple, reliable products. Our remarkable team continues to create new products and innovate old ones to serve our customers. As we work with more distributors around the world, professionals trust in Diablo products continues to grow. We look forward to serving our industry for years to come. If you’re a distributor that would like to supply our products to your market, contact us today! We’re always looking to build professional relationships with companies around the world.

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