Top 9 Uses For An Automatic Vehicle Identifier System

Automatic vehicle detection is used in large number of industries, whether it be commercial or residential. Businesses can use an AVI system to detect vehicles for entry, service, and more. At Diablo Controls, we offer the AVI-100-RD, which will be the topic of this post. We’ll discuss the top nine ways this AVI system can be used across numerous industries with the same purpose—to detect vehicles automatically.

The AVI-100-RD system comes with an AVI receiver and a vehicle detector. The two components work in tandem to offer a “hands free” or manual modes of function; the user chooses their preferred method.

Nine industries and uses for automatic vehicle identifiers

  • Emergency vehicle access – Whether an ambulance, police cruiser, or fire truck, vehicle detection can mean the difference between life and death for those in need of emergency attention, assistance, or otherwise.
  • Mass transit – As more people move toward ride-sharing and carpooling, the efficiency of transporting mass amounts of people is accomplished in a more efficient manner with automatic detection sensors and more.
  • Shuttle buses – Transportation is usually on a time schedule. AVI systems help make it easy for shuttle buses and the like make their times and deliver passengers.
  • Private residential access – Gate access, whether private or community based, can be automatically managed with an AVI system.
  • Trucking companies – To increase efficiency and effectiveness of tucking pickups and drop offs, the gates and other access points can be automated.
  • Manufacturing facilities – These facilities import and export a myriad of products, which results in access points getting bogged down with manual check-in and -out. An AVI system can remedy this.
  • Warehouses – Forklifts and other warehouse equipment may need access to certain areas in the building. Access can be automated with an AVI system.
  • Airport access – Whether it be planes, vehicles, or otherwise, AVI systems help keep the traffic at airports moving efficienciently.
  • Rail cars – Many rail cars are automated. Adding AVI technology increases efficiency and effectiveness of transport.

Why use detection devices from Diablo Controls?

All of our AVI systems are configured and tested in our factory, offering a true “plug and play” atmosphere. We document all codes for our AVI system so duplicates are not sent to customers. Multi-Code capability enables increased security and versatility with usage.

As for the AVI transmitter, it’s potted in a thermal epoxy compound, and it can be mounted to an apparatus for use, whether it be for emergency vehicles, parking garages, or residential community use. As a vehicle approaches the transmitter, a loop buried in the ground prior to the transmitter sends a code, which prompts the system.


The AVI receiver processes the code, either activating the system or disallowing access. If the receiver gets a code that matches the pre-programmed system, it then sends the valid activation forward to achieve a given automatic gate, bar, or access function.

When it comes to “hands free” or manual use of our AVI systems, the application determines how it can be used, in most cases. The AVI-100-RD, receiver and transmitter is capable of offering both methods.

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