Important Features Of An Automatic Vehicle Identification Code Reader

When it comes to access control, you only want the best. An automatic vehicle identification code reader (AVI-CR) enhances any access control system. Diablo Controls’ AVI systems come with four components: AVI transmitter, AVI security device (optional), sensing loop, and an AVI receiver. All four components work together to create a “hands free” or manual access control system.

In this post, we’ll share seven important features of an AVI-CR to consider before buying. Also, if you want more information or to place an order with Diablo Controls, contact us today! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Seven important AVI-CR features

  • Multi-code reception – It’s important to have an AVI-CR device that can receive more than one code at once. Diablo Controls’ device can receive up to four codes from a single transmitter, which allows for versatility when it comes to access control for emergency vehicles, manufacturing, trucking companies, and more.
  • Audible buzzer – Diablo Controls AVI-CR device will generate an audible beep per code in the order those codes were received. This means that if the AVI-CR receives four codes at once, it will beep eight times—two beeps per code.
  • Battery voltage display – It’s important to keep track of your AVI-CR’s charge. Each of Diablo Controls’ automatic vehicle identification code readers displays a voltage meter on-screen.
  • Extendable sensing wand – When manually checking for transmitters, an extendable wand makes the job easier—especially when wanding emergency vehicles or tractor-trailers.
  • Wandless use – The user can also operate the AVI-CR without a wand. Simply get within one-foot of the transmitter to receive the code being transmitted.
  • Enhance splash screen – Diablo Controls’ AVI-CR offers a splash screen on startup that displays the product and the firmware version.
    Code display – As a user, you can see which codes were received, in what order they were received, and the number of receptions of each code. Furthermore, the display will show the total number of code-reads and the battery voltage at the time of use.

Why choose Diablo Controls’ AVI-CR device?

If the above features haven’t convinced you to use our products, here’s some more information that you may find valuable. When it comes to emergency vehicles, response time can mean the difference between life or death. A complete AVI system could save the fire department, hospital, or police department a full 45 seconds between call and arrival. Furthermore, the reliability and security of the Diablo Controls AVI system is unrivaled in the industry.


The four AVI-CR components

With every AVI-CR system, Diablo Controls deliver four separate components: display unit, sensing wand (extendable), cord (coiled), and a nine-volt battery. The display unit, as mentioned above offers various features the user can take advantage of. The extendable wand offers ease-of-use in manual applications. Finally, the coiled cord can be buried to implement “hands free” use of an AVI system.

The pros know to choose Diablo!

After 40 years in the traffic and control industry, Diablo Controls has accomplished a lot. We’ve pioneered quite a few traffic control electronics which change the trajectory of the entire industry. Our remarkable team continues to maintain and develop access control systems and more. If you’re looking for a family of reliable AVI control systems for parking, traffic, or access, contact us today!

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